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Letters of Determination from CICERO

The HRPO has been receiving numerous requests for documentation that the CICERO letter notifications will no longer have the IRB Chair’s signature on them to send their sponsor.  At this link is a letter from the IRB Chair documenting how letter notifications are sent in CICERO.
As of December 1, 2008 all schools on campus are LIVE with CICERO
Since September 2008 the Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) in conjunction with the SOM IT group has been working diligently on a daily basis to isolate and resolve technological issues in CICERO in real time.  The average turn around time to resolve technical issues in CICERO has been 24-48 hours while some minor issues are resolved in an hour.

 When CICERO issues are reported to the HRPO they are prioritized and triaged accordingly.  Any “show stopper” problems, meaning it’s preventing an application from moving forward, are handled immediately while others are cataloged and resolved on an “as needed” basis.  Any major changes to the system need to be “patched” to the system.  Patches are completed on Monday afternoons by SOM IT which means they make changes to the Live CICERO site. When they are done, CICERO users will be able to see the changes.  Moving forward, any major changes to the CICERO applications from patches will be communicated to all CICERO users via email.

In the event you experience any difficulties using CICERO, please contact the HRPO at 410-706-5037, and someone will assist you.

 You may also use the use the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) option in CICERO to submit your CICERO questions/issues.  Someone will respond to these issues promptly.  The Help/FAQ button can be located in the upper left hand corner of CICERO when you are logged into the system.



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